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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...The Maiden Voyage

In my band-blogging research most everyone has TTT.  Well, since everyone else is jumping from the bridge, why the hell shouldn't I?  So, here goes...

1.  My kids had their annual check ups at the pedi yesterday and I'm still traumatized by the experience. They were total babies about everything.  They are 8 and 6 and cried before we even left their school to head to the dr office.  So worried about getting shots. I told them IF they had to it was an inevitable part of life. Deal with it. After all the normal checkup stuff, the only "shot" they needed was their flu vacc. Fortunately, they had the FluMist, yay for me, right?  WRONG!  The youngest went first and ended up jerking her head back and scratching her nasal lining with the syringe causing a bloody nose and that set the older one off.  We ended up having to restrain both of them to get it done and all three of us were crying when it was over. Motherhood sucks sometimes.

2.  I need a housekeeper.

3.  I have 2 events on Friday (Rangers and HS football at Cowboys) and 3 events on Saturday (Rangers, FC Dallas and college football at Cowboys).  I despise having multiple events on the same day.  Total scheduling nightmare.

4.  I really need to do laundry (see #2).

5.  I have an outer/middle ear infection and it sucks.

6.  Taking my daughter to see JUSTIN BIEBER on October 29th.  Tickets officially purchased!!  She is gonna go nuts when she finds out!

7.  Does anyone else think 2 hours of practice on Tuesday's and Thursday's plus a double header game each Saturday is a little much for 8 year old baseball players?  I vote yes!

8.  Billy Madison never gets un-funny.

9.  Is it nap time yet?

10.  I love my kids and husband more than life!

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