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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Itching for Relief

I called the doc yesterday and he told me it was okay to take all of the steri-strips off, since some of them had started falling off on their own already.  Now that all of the strips are off, I have blistery oozy patches of pink at each site.  I have been wearing cotton tanks so it can breathe and keeping a paper towel between my skin and my shirt to keep them from sticking together.

I sent hubs to the store last night for some Benadryl for bedtime and he came back with ZzzQuil.  Best hubby ever!!  Same active ingredient as Benadryl, but  a lot more of it.  As I was dozing off last night, I could feel the spots stop itching and went off to dreamland.  Fast forward several hours to sometime before it was actually time to wake up, I woke up itching.  I was worried to take any more wonder drug for two reasons, I had no idea what time it was and I wasn't gonna look, and I could tell my stomach was completely empty.  I wasn't sure how the meds would go over on an empty stomach pouch, so I laid there thinking about not scratching until I went back to sleep.  I woke up this morning with wet splotches all over my t-shirt from the blisters oozing during the night.

I know it will eventually go away, but all I can think about is scratching.  It's not feasible to take the allergy meds during the day, I will just be too sleepy to get anything done and then not want to sleep at night, so I suffer.  Poor pitiful me, I know.

Now that my pity party is over, on to better news!  I will be posting my very first official weigh-in later today and I'm so excited.  Also, we are going to Mudstock this weekend.  I don't plan on getting muddy this year, but I 'm so thrilled to be able to get out of the house and go ride the trails.  I will, however, be watching all of the idiots that will be in the mud, get stuck.  I'll post pics of that debauchery next week!

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