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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday Weigh-In and Other Goings-On

Starting Weight   226.4 (9/6/12 at Lap Band Consultation)

Today's Weight  211.2

Total Loss of  15.2 pounds

Loss This Week  - 3.8 lbs    Wahooo!!!!!

I know it's Wednesday and not Tuesday but just didn't get to finishing this yesterday.  For a slow week, this has been a busy one.

I guess it all really started on Sunday.  I screwed up, big time.  Not unforgivable, but big.  I told you guys/gals about taking my sweet Kylie to the Justin Bieber concert, right?  Right.  So, her dad dropped her off on Sunday after lunch and we planned to go get our hair and nails done before the concert, so we did.  And we had so much fun hanging out together.  We found the perfect shade of purple polish for her and we had her hair washed and trimmed and styled.  Soooo cute!  We got home with enough time to get changed into our fancy concert duds and head to the stadium.  We made great time using the recently opened toll road and found the right parking garage with no problem.  I hand the attendant our parking pass and she scans it and says that this particular pass is dated for next week.  Sista say what?!?!?  The parking pass was dated October 29th, not October 21st.  I was just about to start cussing the ticket place for sending me the wrong pass when I pulled out the tickets.  Yup, same date.  October 29th.  We were a whole 8 days early.  I boo hooed, as in bawled my eyes out.  Kylie, on the other hand, was fine.  All she said was, "Well, today was a ripoff!"  Ripoff indeed, baby girl!  I called the hubs and he talked me down, but I was so upset.  I felt like I ruined the entire day by getting the date wrong.  I still don't know how I got the date wrong, but I did.  On the bright side, at least it wasn't 8 days late and now she has a whole week to get excited about it.  Still, I feel bad.

We have our 2nd Annual Halloween Party at our house on Friday and we are so not ready.  It's hard to start putting decorations up because of the cat and we still have a life to live before then, so most of the decorating will be done Thursday night.  I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas on food and drink, but I think it would be more for me than for the drunk people that will be eating it.  I certainly can't be having any of that food right now.  I'm barely getting down cream of wheat.  I tried to have a little malibu the other night and it didn't feel very good, so I stopped.  I just need more time.  Pics of the party next week, though.  Should be epic.  Our parties generally are.

I went to the doc yesterday for my 2-week post-op followup.  All is well.  They did the x-ray and all the plumbing looks good.  I was looking at the x-ray and had to ask the guy what those wire looking things were.  They looked like hooks and eyes and for some reason I though that's what they used to stitch me up inside.  Yup, bra strap hooks.  Yet another blonde moment for me this week.  This is becoming a regular habit, huh?  Incisions looks good, however, and my rash from the steri-strips is healing well.

Pool is almost done.  They came to plaster it this morning and will acid wash it and start filling it up this afternoon.  After it's full, we will have 4-5 days for the acid in the water to eat away at the plaster to reveal the aggregate beneath.  Can't wait.  I just have to keep the drunk idiots out of the acid pool on Friday night.  That should be fun.

I hope I have time to make the TTT for tomorrow, but we have a Cowboys game on Sunday that I have to get stuff ready for.  It's gonna be getting quite chilly here in the DFW Metroplex starting Friday.  That should make work on Sunday a blast.  Oh, well, it's a paycheck.

I now have 10 followers on this lovely little bloggy-poo I have here.  That makes me feel good.  To think that others are interested in what I have to say and that support me in this journey is monumental in my eyes.  Love you all and leave me a comment so I can follow you back!



  1. Oh no!!! At least you're still all good for the concert. That would have made me so mad, but glad you didn't miss it!

  2. this is so something I would do...I was visiting my brother and his wife in DC, they dropped us off at the airport and we went to the ticket counter, only to find out we were a day early...sheesh. We found a hotel room near the airport because I was too embarrassed to tell my brother what a dufas I was, but then stupidly blogged my mistake so he found out anyway and gave me crap about it....We all have our moments...hang in there!

  3. Hey hun - just saw your email on my blog. Soooo does that mean you want the sweatshirt? I don't have your email. Email me at with your email and we'll chat!