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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

What a week!

1.  18 days, people!!  That's all, just 18 days.  I am so excited and nervous and excited.  Did I say I was excited?

2.  So, with regular season baseball coming to an end, chatter about the future of Josh Hamilton is heard everywhere.  Can I just say, I don't want to see him leave? (Insert super pouty face here)

3.  Cowboys start their regular season on Sunday here at home.  Not looking forward to being at the stadium at 7:30 AM for work, but I like the payday.

4.  I think I have decided that I want to add a 5K to my list of goals. 

5.  Has anyone tried SUP (Stand-Up Paddling)?  We live about half a mile from the lake and I know soon it will be less than ideal temps for being in the lake, but maybe for next summer.  Hmmmm...

6.  We received the approval today from our HOA to go ahead with construction of our new pool!  It will be heated, too!!  Double yay!!  We recently had to remove our in ground pool because the HOA prohibits them though they never gave us a reason other than "it's in the bylaws".  Stupid HOA, grrrr.

7.  Hubby and Larry are replacing the brake pads on the truck today.  That grinding noise is like nails on a chalkboard.

8.  Speaking of chalkboards, do they even have those in schools anymore?  I had to buy dry-erase markers for my son's class yesterday.

9.  I cleaned the pantry on Sunday.  Took everything out and organized it all in pretty little bins.  I really need to get them labeled so hubby can find his snacks.

10.  Watching Friends re-runs is awesome!  It's just as funny as the first time I saw them.

Have a great day my band buddies!!

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