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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ten Things Friday? - Birthday Edition

I know Friday isn't Thursday, but better late than never, eh?   Thanks, Laura Belle for this outlet of sorts to get all these random thoughts outta my head for a bit. 

1.  So, today is my 34th birthday and it's been a great one.  I have been working since before the sun was all the way up and won't be home for a few more hours, but it's been great.  I love my hubs and kiddos!

2.  Since Monday, I have put in about 88 hours.  I'm T-I-R-E-D!  My dogs are definitely barking.

3.  I go in for my pre-op appt on Tuesday.  Surgery, 1 week after.  Sooooo excited!

4.  Kinda wishing it rains in the morning so my son's baseball games are cancelled and I can sleep in a little.  I know it's selfish, but he's 8.  He's got a whole lifetime of baseball to play. 

5.  Now I feel guilty and selfish for admitting #4

6.  2 more Rangers games and 1 Cowboys game left until I get some rest.

7.  Looking forward to going to the Dallas Margarita Ball in November.  My friend invited us and I am so looking forward to it.  It's a black-tie charity event.  Who doesn't love to dress up in fancy clothes??  And drink margaritas??  For charity, no less??

8.  I hope they start construction on our new pool this coming week.  I'm ready to get my swim on!

9.  I hear fireworks upstairs.  I wish I could see them.

10.  Did I mention I was tired?

Have a fantabulous weekend my friends!!

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