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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - So Busy!!

Thanks to the witty and beautiful Laura Belle at Beer, Dogs And Getting Healthier, here are my Ten Things!

1.  4 days until my dandy band will be installed!  Sounds like I'm getting a new TV, huh?  So in celebration of this momentous occasion, I'm having tamales for breakfast today.  Good enough excuse, I think.  I couldn't help myself.  The lovely ladies here at work made them fresh last night and they are still hot an oh-so-mouthwateringly delicious!

2.  The pool construction crew showed up this morning promptly at 7:15 am to start digging our new pool.  I am beyond excited about having a back yard we can actually use.  For about a month now, it's been a mud hole.  I can't send kids or dogs outside to play in that unless I am prepared to hose them down.  A month from now, we should have an elegant patio to relax on.  Just in time for cooler weather!

3.  Speaking of cooler weather, our high is only going to be 60 on Saturday.  In Texas.  Wow!  The Rangers game on Friday night is going to be a chilly one!  Maybe we get to go mudding on Friday night after the game. Hmmmm....

4.  We got a new toy this week and the kids love it!  We took it out for a ride on the local construction site and after the kids begged to go over a tall pile of rocks, we high-centered it and had to use the winch to get unstuck.  They had a blast!  We can't wait to take them out on some real trails.

5.   So the Rangers are on a pretty bad losing streak.  After being in first place all year, they are letting is slip right through their hands.  3rd straight post-season for us, though, so that's something to be proud of, I guess.

6.  Took my mini-me to Target on Tuesday after school and we were checking out some clothes for her.  I was looking for some pants, see #3, and she was browsing on her own.  She rushed over and said, "Hey, momma!  I found something over here that's gonna blow your mind!  Come see."  So she drags me over to a rack that has some sequined shirts on it in purple, pink, black and silver.  Mind blown.  She's so wonderfully random and I love her!

7.  A little scared of the liquids only diet coming up next week.

8.  We will hopefully be moving into our new offices soon.  I will be so glad to have an actual office instead of a hallway.  I can't stand having people walk behind me while I'm working.  Not that I'm working on anything top-secret, mind you, but still.  It makes me uncomfortable.  Am I weird?

9.  I wish the A/C worked in this building, or it was Saturday already.

10.  Our babies are gone to their dad's until Monday.  I always miss them as soon as I drop them off at school.  Sometimes, I look forward to the break, but I still don't want them to go.  

Have a great weekend!!

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